A Shining Light

Booking and Fees

You can easily see my real-time availability and schedule time with me at https://calendly.com/ashininglight

Payment can be made by BACS or card as well.

Skype Appointments As per session price and payable in advance

Payment by cash or cheque please.

Please note that payment is required at the end of each session, except Smoking Cessation which is paid at the start of the first session. The Hypno Gastric Band may be paid in two parts but you must attend all four sessions.

Soul Realignment Prices

10% Discount off ongoing sessions or additional reading, if purchased within 7 days of a Soul Realignment Session


I have day time appointments and some evening appointments. I appreciate that people can find it hard to find time with family and work commitments, so I also offer some Saturday appointments too. Please contact me to arrange your appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t know whether I need counselling or hypnotherapy?

At the initial session, we can discuss your requirement and I will be able to advise you accordingly. Some people may benefit from both therapies, which we can discuss.

Can I drive after hypnotherapy?

Yes you can, as when you are brought out of hypnosis, you will be awaken to be alert and fully aware.

How many things can I deal with during a counselling session?

We will discuss and explore whatever you need to. I will guide you to deal with the most pressing issue and then look at any others that may arise during the course of your therapy. Remember it is your journey and you are the driver.

How many things can I deal with during a hypnotherapy session?

We will discuss your requirements and have one goal, but I will deal with anything that comes up which is related to your goal. Roughly it is 3-4 sessions to look at one issue (except Hypno Gastric Band and Smoking Cessation) and then you can look at any other ones after that in subsequent sessions.

Is there parking?

Yes lots of available off street parking

Are you insured?

Yes am fully insured and have my certificate available for your perusal.

Are you registered?

I am registered with The National Counselling Society and The National Hypnotherapy Society.

Contact Philippa

Please contact me using the details on my contact page if you have any enquiries, want to book an appointment or to find out if the Hypnotherapy and Counselling I use at Lee on the Solent can be of help to you.

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