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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is therapy that helps deal with anything that is affecting you now, by using suggestions and positive changes to achieve your goal. This is the secret as Hypnotherapy is able to do this in a short amount of time.

It can be used to help with anything from giving up smoking, weight loss, having a Hypno Gastric Band (no surgery involved), eating disorders, phobias (of snakes, spiders, flying etc.), nerves (exam, driving test, wedding speech) stress, IBS, habits (such as nail biting or grinding teeth), insomnia, trauma, Post Traumatic Shock (PTSD), child birth (relaxation and labour nerves), increase sports performance, work related (presentation’s or goal setting), to name a few.


How does it work?

Although it has an air of the unknown about it, every day you experience Hypnotherapy without realising it. Have you ever driven to work and not thought about how you got there as you are on auto pilot? Well this is what it is like in hypnosis, it is a relaxed state of mind and when you are in it, you are able to take on suggestions and make the positive changes you require to deal with your issue. If you imagine that your mind is like an iceberg; the tip above the sea is your conscious mind and the massive part under the sea that you cannot see is the subconscious mind.

This is where all your memories, habits and skills that you have learnt or experienced are stored for when they might be needed again. Your conscious mind is the one that deals with the actual here and now, and has the capacity to only deal with 7-9 things at a time. It is also prepared to learn new things, but once learnt, they are then stored in your subconscious mind for when you may need it next. When you are in this hypnotic relaxed state, I am able to use hypnotherapy and positive suggestions to help achieve your goal and help you facilitate the changes you need to maintain this, by dealing with your subconscious mind directly.

This is secret, as your subconscious mind will help you and this is far stronger than Will Power which is your conscious mind’s way of helping you. I believe that by getting to the cause of problem, you are able to facilitate positive lasting changes. During the sessions, you are fully aware of what is going on and you will just feel wonderfully relaxed. You will never be made to do anything that you are not comfortable with and hypnotherapy is perfectly safe.

What do I have to do?

You just need to relax and trust your own subconscious mind. Throughout the hypnotherapy, you are fully aware but it is your subconscious mind working not your conscious mind. After each session, you will need to listen to the recording that you will be given, as this will reinforce your therapy and the changes you require. This is very important.

What happens at the Initial Session?

I will speak to you about your requirements and agree on the change or goal you require. I will explain how Hypnotherapy works, what to expect and answer any of your questions. I will go through the practical parts such as number of sessions, cost, etc. I will then proceed to do the Hypnotherapy, which starts by using relaxation to guide you into hypnosis, then I will do the “hypnotherapy work” (you are not asleep and can hear me at all times). I will gently bring you back to your full awareness. You may feel as if you have just woken from a very relaxing sleep and feeling positive about the changes you are going to make.

How many sessions?

I believe by getting to route of the issue or problem, it frees you to move forward. I try to do this part of the Hypnotherapy in the first two sessions. I always treat my clients as individuals and tailor the session to suit you.Some treatments such as Hypno Gastric Band are a package consisting of four sessions which you must attend. Smoking Cessation is 1 session.

What if I can’t be hypnotised?

Everyone can be hypnotised (except if you suffer from a severe mental health problem). As a hypnotherapist I know that everyone is different and will tailor the sessions to you, so if you take longer to get into that relaxed state, don’t worry as I will adjust things so you do.

I run weight loss programme called Inner Radiance which is designed to help you reach your weight goals by changing your mindset,listening to your body and being free of being on a diet. It is eight week programme which includes two private one on one session to get to the root of your problem and then six weekly group sessions with other like minded women. Now is Your Time to Shine

Hypnotherapy Testimonies

This lovely lady is a miracle worker. I’d highly recommend to any one. A problem that was literally taking over my life is a thing of the past!

E Bullen

I’d like to thank Philippa for everything she’s done. I was sceptical at first but after one session I realised that there was something of value there for me and at this moment in time it has certainly cured my addiction and I would strongly recommend her to anyone. So, once again, thank you Philippa.

R Foster

Hypnotherapy was a complete unknown to me but I thought I would try it as an alternative route to cope with my anxiety problems.
I found Philippa through the Internet and when I had my first session with her I found her completely approachable, easy to talk to and someone who also listened without any sort of judgement.

She explained the process simply and puts you totally at ease. I had 3 sessions and feel even though my anxiety hasn’t completely gone, I do have more of an inner calmness and Philippa has given me the tools (techniques) that I can carry on using when I feel the need arises.

I would definitely give it a try and would recommend Philippa.

I approached Philippa at Solent Hypnotherapy because I had a phobia of the colour red.

Philippa helped me by hypnotising me and taking me back to the root of the problem which helped me understand where the phobia came from and to break the phobia.

The result is I am now able to eat and wear red which I have not been able to do for 22 years as it had ruled my life!

One thing I liked was the atmosphere was very calm and relaxing. I was put at ease and felt very comfortable and everything was explained to me.

I found the experience amazing it wasn’t scary it was very relaxing.

I would recommend Philippa at Solent Hypnotherapy to people who have phobias that are taking over there lives it truly works.

K Norton


Pippa was very friendly and professional. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable and explained everything well. Most importantly of all I now have a different attitude to food and am losing weight!

N Eavis

Hedge End, Southampton

Hypno Band

As I have struggled all my life to keep my weight under control I heard about hypno gastric band treatment and decided to give it a go at first I was a bit sceptical but after going through with the hypno fitting I found it very strange to smell the smell of a operating theatre when I opened my eyes and my stomach felt sore even though no one touched me I have since gone back to have my band tightened and now struggle to finish my meals and I am now starting to lose weight .very glad I gave it a go

R W Clark


Contact Philippa

Please contact me using the details on my contact page if you have any enquiries, want to book an appointment or to find out if the Hypnotherapy and Counselling I use at Lee on the Solent can be of help to you.

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