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Past Life Regression

Do you feel intrigued to know about your Past Life? Do you ever go somewhere and feel you have an infinity with it, even though you haven’t been there before? Do you ever feel you know someone after only just meeting them? Do you have an irrational dislike or fear but no idea where it stems from? These could all relate to a previous past life.

By having Past Life Regression (PLR), it can help you deal with any irrational fear or phobia. Past Life Regression can help you understanding more about yourself and understand why you are the way you are today. Past Life Regression can provide insight into your life lessons. People have had Past Life Regression and discovered enough facts about their Past Life, they have been able to trace the dates and information to back up what they found out. Past Life Regression is a wonderful way at going back to discover more about yours, so contact me to book your appointment.

What to except?

I will have an initial consultation with you to discuss what you what to find out and if you have any specific questions you wish to ask. I will then guide you down into a relaxed hypnotic state. Like Hypnotherapy, you will be completely relaxed and able to hear everything I am saying. I will slowly guide you through a journey back (regress) to your Past Life, when you are there you will be able to talk to me answering questions and I will take notes of everything you say, so you have a record and if you prefer we can record the session too. I will then slowly bring you back to your full awareness. Once you are back, we will have a chat to discuss your experience. The session will be about 1.5 to 2hrs. It is also perfectly normal for you to dream or more information may pop into your mind relating to you Past Life Regression. Have fun and see what you can find out to check the details.

It is a powerful and fun, it can help you make sense of things happening in this lifetime, you may recognise people in your life from your past and you may have a lesson to learn which will help you in this lifetime.

Do you do Group Past Life Regression?

I will be running Past Life Regression group session for up 15 people. Contact me to if you are interested in attending a session or if you want to host a Group session.

What do I need to bring to group sessions?

Something comfortable to lie on i.e. yoga mat, cushion for head and blanket to keep warm. Plenty of water to drink afterwards.

Contact Philippa

Please contact me using the details on my contact page if you have any enquiries, want to book an appointment or to find out if the Hypnotherapy and Counselling I use at Lee on the Solent can be of help to you.

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